Moving To Another Region Renting Or Selling Your Home

Before selling your property, make sure that your departure is not temporary. It may be better to keep your old place and rent the new one. It all depends on your life plan.

Change region, change life:

The circumstances of life sometimes lead to moving and changing regions. There are many examples. The vagaries of professional life most often explain these changes. Were you unemployed in one region and getting a job in another? Are you tired of Parisian life and have made up your mind to go to the provinces to reinvent your life? Have you experienced a family upheaval (death, divorce), and you want to turn the page by settling elsewhere? Finally, are you retiring, and have you made up your mind to enjoy the southern sun? If you have your home, you would have to decide: sell it or rent it out.

Don’t rush to sell your home.

Do not rush before posting a classified ad to sell the apartment or house you are leaving.  If you have found a job in another region, start by hiring if possible because you are never sure that the position will be correct for you (or that the trial period will turn into a stable job). An adjustment period will be, without a doubt, necessary. Everyone has the right to make mistakes. It can also happen that a change of region does not go as well as imagined (difficulties of integration into a sometimes very different environment). On the other hand, if you are sure of your choice, find out about the evolution of real estate prices in your old and new town. Some regions and cities are much more dynamic than others.

Renting out your old home to secure an income

If you have planned to move to a city for a relatively short period (less than five years), it may be wise to keep your old accommodation and rent it out, especially if the rental demand in the region you are leaving is strong. Likewise, suppose your adopted municipality is not very dynamic, and prices tend to fall. In such a case, it is good to avoid venturing into a purchase with a risk of capital loss resale after a few years.

Sell ​​to have substantial capital and buy

Suppose you are settling permanently in an attractive region and in particular in a city whose prices tend to increase, and your decision has been sufficiently considered. In that case, it will be preferable to sell your old home. With the capital recovered (even if you had not finished repaying your mortgage), you will have a significant contribution to buy in your newly adopted municipality. If prices rise, you will potentially accumulate capital and realize a capital gain when reselling.

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Suppose you have decided to sell your old accommodation when you have already moved to your new place of residence. In that case, it is strongly recommended to use the services of a trusted professional (recognized real estate agent) who can carry out the administrative procedures in your absence. (diagnoses in particular) and organize visits to the accommodation you have left behind. It will save you many unnecessary and restrictive back and forth trips during the sale period, especially if you have moved to another region.

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