Nats’ Strasburg: ‘Numbness in my entire hand’ led to surgical procedure | Sports activities

FILE – The Washington Nationals, starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg (right), walk with a member of the training staff on their way to the dugout after they play the game during the first innings of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore this Friday, August, have left. 14, 2020, file photo. Mike Rizzo, General Manager of the Nationals, said on Thursday, February 18, 2021 that, following an operation in 2020, Strasbourg is “in preparatory mode rather than rehabilitation mode” during spring training.

Julius Cortez

By HOWARD FENDRICH AP Sports journalist

The nerve problem in Stephen Strasburg’s right wrist, which ended his 2020 season after five innings, would get worse every time he threw a baseball, he said on Sunday, and “basically it would go from numbness in my thumb to numbness in mine.” whole hand go. “

The Washington Nationals ace spoke to reporters for the first time since its closure in August and said the problem went away immediately after the 15-minute carpal tunnel surgery.

“I didn’t have any residual effects from it. … I think, if anything, all of the work I’ve done to strengthen has only improved the movement of my pitches, “Strasburg said.

The 2019 World Series MVP was preparing for this season much earlier than usual. He made a light catch on November 1st instead of mid-December and cast bullpens in early January instead of the end of the month.

“In terms of endurance and endurance, I feel a lot further than I have in years past,” he said. “I wanted to give myself a little more time to work on some mechanical things and be ready to start on day one.”

That was it: The 32-year-old threw a hill with his teammates during training on Friday.

“He’s one of our workhorses. And not seeing him out there was difficult. But for me, the time would have come last year if he was ever injured and ever fixing a problem, ”said manager Dave Martinez. “I’m glad he fixed it, and I’m glad he feels great.”

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