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OLATHE, Kan. – Three of the five people arrested and indicted Thursday in connection with the January 6th Uprising in the U.S. Capitol are in Kansas and Missouri.

One of them from Blue Springs, the other two from Olathe. These men are being held in Wyandotte County Jail.

The FBI said William Norman Chrestman, 47, from Olathe; 47-year-old Christopher Charles Kühne from Olathe; and 44-year-old Louis Enrique Colon, of Blue Springs, have been arrested on numerous charges including conspiracy, disorder, obstruction of due process, threats to assault a federal law enforcement officer, knowingly enter or stay in a restricted building, or cause without cause legitimate authority and disorderly conduct for Capitol reasons.

BACKGROUND: Three Kansas City area men charged with role in Capitol riot

Tire marks through the courtyard of an Olathe house formed the backdrop for Chrestman’s nightly arrest.

Neighbor Shaunna Keller saw flashing lights, several police cars, and federal agents blocking her street.

“Then, shortly afterwards, I saw two men come out of the house with their hands up and I couldn’t hear anything. After that there is just a lot of action, people go in and out, ”said Keller. “It was just scary because we all love our neighborhood. Not that nothing could happen in any neighborhood. It just never happened. “

Several neighbors said they had no idea who lived nearby.

“I just didn’t know what he could possibly be involved in, considering the FBI is over there,” said Keller.

“It just shows that you don’t really know what people think about certain things in politics,” said Keller. “And you just never know what might be in your neighborhood, I guess.”

FOX4 knocked on Kühne’s door. A family was home but no one answered. Nobody answered in the Chrestman residence either.

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According to investigators, videos and photos show Chrestman along with two other siblings, Felicia Konold and Cory Konold, who were indicted on Thursday among a large group of nationalists known as the “Proud Boys”. The investigators identify themselves as a group who are stealing for the “Stop the rally.”

Chrestman, Kühne, and Colon were among the first to overpower U.S. Capitol police officers, tumble through metal barricades, and advance toward the Capitol. Officers tried to form a line closer to the building when the affidavit said Chrestman yelled, “You shoot and I’ll take your f ****** a ** out.”

Three suspects from the Kansas City area are now charged in the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot. In a federal complaint, the suspects circled from left to right are: Christopher Kühne, Louis Enrique Colon and William Chrestman.

As the crowd continued to advance, investigators said they heard Chrestman yell on video, “Do you want your house back?” to which the crowd replied: “Yes!” Chrestman then called back, “Take it!”

He and the Konolds are accused of dismantling metal barriers before entering the Capitol.

As they moved further into the Capitol, the Konolds, Chrestman, Kühne, and Colon tried to keep large metal doors from closing when officials tried to secure the area. The Konolds stopped a door with their hands; Investigators say Chrestman used a wooden ax or club to stop another. Colon and Kühne blocked one doorway with a dais and another with a chair.

Investigators said they located these suspects based on consistent videos and photos of them wearing orange clothing or orange tape on their hats or helmets.

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Investigators have also looked at Felicia Konold’s social media statements on Snapchat and Twitter. In a moment, investigators say that she partially stated:

“Dude, I can’t even put it into words. I never imagined that the events that happened today would be so heavily influenced. “

“Dude, people were ready to follow. You lead, and everyone had my back, age, everyone, wall, legitimate, in the air, against the fence, three lines of police, fence, me, not even on the ground, my feet weren’t even on the ground, all mine Boys, behind me, held me in the air and pushed back. “

In another snapshot, she said she was inducted into the Kansas City chapter of the Proud Boys even though she is not from Kansas City. Court documents say she lives in the Tucson, Arizona area.

She also revealed a double-sided challenge coin with markings that investigators say belong to the Kansas City Proud Boys.

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