Nook Market Closes Pharmacy Part of the Enterprise

The Corner Market & Pharmacy pharmacy section of Rock Creek Shopping Center at 8309 Grubb Rd. Has closed, according to a social media report confirmed by the source.

A message posted in-store informs customers that all recipes have been transferred to the CVS store in Blair Park Shopping Center. For the sake of simplicity, selecting “Pharmacy” in the Corner Market voicemail tree automatically forwards callers to CVS.

The message points to the “changing pharmacy landscape” as the reason for the closure. “The landscape battle includes: the increasingly harsh environment that includes Amazon’s entry into the pharmacy business, decreased and delayed reimbursements from insurance companies and their benefit managers, multiple break-ins (which resulted in an incredible amount of stress and repair costs), and increased insurance costs), and the constantly increasing business pressure from the chain stores, ”it says on the sign.

The market and the scoop shop, which sells ice cream, snow cones and more, will remain operational.

The last day of the pharmacy was February 16th.

Photo by Mike Diegel

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