Notre Dame Makes Closing Three For Proficient Offensive Sort out Jake Taylor

Notre Dame has reached the final three for Bishop Gorman’s offensive in Las Vegas, Nevada Jake Taylor. The Fighting Irish along with Oklahoma and Alabama made the final three for Taylor.

Taylor isn’t touted as much as other blockers in the class from a recruitment standpoint, but he’s a great recruit because his tools and edge are enormous. The fact that his last three are arguably the top three offensive programs in the country speaks volumes about his talent and how coaches view the 6-5, 275-pound blocker.

247Sports ranks Taylor the No. 242 overall player in the country and the No. 25 offensive tackle.

Taylor didn’t get a chance to play in his sophomore year as Nevada canceled the fall 2020 football season. Don’t be surprised if he moves up the recruitment rankings after another season. He is listed as a legitimate top 150 player on the Irish Breakdown Board, and his advantage is the five-star limit. If he progresses as I imagined as a junior and senior, I expect him to climb to five stars before his time is up.

Taylor also had offerings from USC, Penn State, Michigan, Florida State, Miami (Florida), Stanford, UCLA, Utah, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Missouri, Indiana, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, California, Washington State, and Oregon State.

Notre Dame already has commitments from 2022 offensive linemen Joey Tanona and Ty Chan.

2022 Notre Dame Scholarship Offers

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