Outside winter sports activities see large growth in pandemic

CANNON TOWNSHIP, me. (WOOD) – Skiers, snowboarders, and cyclists pack the Cannonsburg ski area in search of a reason to get out and have fun, even if it means braving the cold and snow.

Zac Truskowski has not put on a pair of skis in 25 years. An ice-covered beard didn’t ruin his return to the slopes.

“Hasenhügel was my best friend, but after that I fell, that’s okay,” said Truskowski.

Cannonsburg is seeing a bigger crowd this year as people want to get out of their homes after a year of many restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The strongest month is Christmas until mid-January. There was no end to this year, ”said Danielle Musto, Cannonsburg’s director of marketing. “People who got out of here came here repeatedly.”

Bella Ebright, a runner and gymnast, is a freshman snowboarder. She is happy that she has taken up the new sport.

“It’s a lot more difficult than my other sports, but completely different,” said Ebright. “Have fun and I’m glad I got the chance to try.”

The winter season in Cannonsburg usually ends in mid-March. If the conditions for activities remain ideal until then, the ski area could stay open longer.

“Those cold temperatures were incredible,” said Musto. “We want people to spend the spring here.”

You can find more information about Cannonsburg at your website.

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