Panel recommends no additional motion in impeachment petitions | Govt-and-politics

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – A Kentucky legislature recommended Tuesday night no further action in relation to impeachment motions by citizens against the governor and attorney general.

The decisions of the non-partisan committee came after a long meeting behind closed doors.

Republican Rep. Jason Nemes, chairman of the committee, said the panel’s reports and recommendations that no further action will be taken against Democratic Governor Andy Beshear and Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron will be presented to the GOP-run House.

“The committee found that none of the allegations made against the governor or the attorney general lead to criminal acts,” Nemes told reporters afterwards.

The remaining petition against Beshear, filed by a handful of Kentuckians, called for the governor’s impeachment for his actions to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Kentucky.

Beshear has said there are “no reasons” for his removal and that his COVID-19 orders have saved lives. He portrayed the petitioners seeking his overthrow as anti-government extremists.

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled last year that the governor had the power to impose restrictions on businesses and individuals in an attempt to contain the coronavirus.

The House Impeachment Committee held a series of meetings, mostly behind closed doors, to consider citizens’ petitions. The panel consists of four Republicans and three Democrats.

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