Particular Session, the border and COVID-19

This Week In Texas Politics: Special Session, The Limit, And COVID-19

A panel of Texan journalists joins Rudy Koski from FOX 7 to review the week in Texan politics.

The end of the Republican-backed electoral reform bill on Friday came as no surprise.

The end of the special session took place as it began with a key group of Democrats in the House of Representatives not in Austin but in Washington DC. The quorum busting tactic worked, but how this fight will end in the next special session remains questionable.

The week in Texan politics also saw Governor Greg Abbott in yet another battle with the federal government over a flood of migrants on the border. A restart of the longstanding battle between state and local governments has also continued to respond to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

A panel of Texan journalists gave a review of the week in Texan politics with Rudy Koski from FOX7.

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