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MILTON – Patton Logistics Group is completing construction of a 135,000 square foot warehouse for its Patton Warehousing division that will create around 30 jobs in the Milton area.

The expansion of space is a symbol of a company in a critical front-line industry that few people would have thought of in the worst days of the pandemic – a company that initially lost revenue from many of its regular customers who are reducing their revenues in the wake of the economic shutdown had to a year ago.

But the Patton Group, which includes the logistics department, warehousing and truck transport, held out. They developed new sources of income and strengthened their customer base as the economy began to recover.

The company is now stronger than ever, said Steve Patton, president, and his son Chris Patton, vice president, on Wednesday.

“I’m optimistic,” said Steve.

A year ago, the company faced challenges that were never expected, and all of which stemmed from a one-off pandemic.

“When the pandemic happened,” said Steve, “we lost five of our top 10 accounts.” We spoke out in favor of not firing anyone. “

Everyone would keep getting a paycheck “and we would find out,” he said.

“We never thought of closing the shop or firing anyone. Because it’s too hard to find good people. We have a great workforce. We thought if we let these people go we could never get someone back who was the quality we had. “

One-third of the company’s workforce is in Virginia, said Chris. “If we let them go, they would have gone elsewhere.”

The Pattons began researching which companies they thought would be important.

Packaging companies would have to produce a lot of canned food, paper towels and toilet paper. There was a run on all of that.

“So we reached out to ConAgra and some of our customers who make packaging materials,” said Steve.

The first month of the pandemic “was terrible,” said Steve.

Haulage companies that were still in operation began lowering their prices.

“It was bad enough that we didn’t have a job,” said Steve, “but we were moving it at a speed we had in the 1970s.”

Some senders took advantage of us during this time. We were listed at a rate where we knew we would lose money. But it was better than paying people who sat at home. “

The customer base returned a few months later. In June 2020, business began to grow “almost to where it was before,” said Steve.

“Because of what we did during the pandemic,” added Chris, “our customer base is bigger than it was before the pandemic because we went out and requested new business.” We expanded this account base during this difficult time. “

“If there’s a silver lining to this pandemic,” said Steve, “then the supply chain and logistics companies have been far more valuable and memorable than ever.”

In the heart of the pandemic, Patton was sending 10 drivers to Manhattan daily at a time when people were departing for their safety.

“We were asked to do something good,” said Chris, “and that was very proud.”

An integrated companyWatsontown Trucking drives all of this business, Steve explained. “Most warehouse companies may have a small fleet of trucks. We have 425 trucks. and we can go anywhere in the United States. “

Patton Warehousing was founded six years ago as a standalone business with a 200,000 square foot empty warehouse.

Today they have 2.8 million square feet of warehouse space in four states, including the new warehouse in Milton.

It started with one employee. There are now 175 employees in the warehouse department.

“The warehouse company alone added about 100 team members over the past year,” said Steve.

“We can connect all of the dots and that’s what attracts customers,” said Steve.

With one phone call, the company can bring the product from Iowa to Milton and then store it. The product can be shipped (fulfilled) or even brought to the last mile of delivery by a local shipping company.

The 135,000 square meter warehouse will open on June 15 with 15 new workplaces in the building.

“Plus, WTC will add additional driving jobs that need to bring products in and out of the building,” said Chris Patton.

Steve and Chris Patton are optimistic about the company’s future.

“We’re going to be hiring a lot of people,” said Steve. “There are many opportunities. As long as the federal government maintains a business-friendly mentality. This has been widespread for the past four years – and even before that. “

Add peoplePatton Logistics Group added 125 people during the pandemic. 75 people were added on site. In Virginia 50.

For their Watsontown Trucking Division they have just announced an extensive new compensation package for all WTC truck drivers.

This new compensation package applies to both current and new drivers. For more information on employment opportunities, please contact Chris Patton at 570-768-9118.

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