Photo voltaic panel cleansing enterprise providers Turlock and past

Company Name: Super Cleaning Solar Panels Cleaning Service

Purpose of the company: Mobile solar panel cleaner

Location: Turlock and its 40 mile radius

Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., by appointment

Contact information:

Company History: From developing his own board games to inventing practical tools, Turlock-based Juan Pineda Sanchez has always been a self-made entrepreneur. Now he’s embraced that passion for success and started his own solar panel cleaning company serving his own community and beyond.

Pineda Sanchez used his own expertise as a solar panel technician and said he was inspired to start the Super Cleaning Solar Panels Cleaning Service about six months ago after realizing that many were unaware of the importance of clean solar panels. Since then, he has used his own expertise in solar, as well as the connections he has made throughout his career, to provide world-class service to those who want to get the most out of their green energy method.

“I have tried to be successful in life and have done everything to be someone by bringing products and ideas to the community and this time I decided to start a service company,” said Pineda Sanchez. “I wanted to share my knowledge of solar energy and help the community understand why they need to keep their modules clean.”

He explained that when the glass top of a solar panel is dirty, it prevents sunlight from being properly filtered through the energy-producing cells underneath. Some customers haven’t cleaned their panels in years, he added, and never understood why their energy bills were higher than expected.

“In order to produce the most energy, the plates have to be clean,” said Pineda Sanchez.

His previous experience in the solar panel industry also led him to develop a tool that he believes would clean glass more efficiently than those used by other companies. Instead of a brush, Pineda Sanchez uses a textile tool and filtered water to buff the panels to avoid scratches and for a shimmery, energy-efficient finish.

“It’s like taking a piece of jewelry and polishing it – it looks a lot nicer,” he said. “Once they’re washed, customers usually love how the panels look in their home.”

Pineda Sanchez services homes within 40 miles of Turlock, he said, and prospective customers can book a cleaning at

“I feel good about providing great service and customer service. I’m trying to do something very challenging because it’s not easy to start a business, ”said Pineda Sanchez. “I want to show the community that they can do anything if they never stop.”

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