Plans to show Jamestown Mall into enterprise park ‘useless within the water’ after opposition from St. Louis County councilwoman | Politics

Webb’s opposition is effectively ending the project, which would require the approval of the county’s planning and development committee and seven-member county council. Other council members are unlikely to question colleagues’ interests in projects in their districts.

NorthPoint declined to comment.

The company had announced that it would work with Webb to conduct public relations for the project. But in two virtual town halls, residents expressed concerns about possible industrial development and expressed preferences for alternatives. A spokesman for Webb’s office said the councilor had also received letters from residents who opposed the project.

Maupin, the chairman of the port authority, said Webb called him Tuesday to tell him she would turn down the project.

The agency heard concerns about the project from community members, he said, who preferred a retail development. Webb “had worked really hard to listen to people and she came to the conclusion that the opposition was too strong,” Maupin said.

“I don’t criticize her for that at all, that’s her job,” he said.

However, the county is unlikely to find another buyer for the property, which opened in 1973, which it believes is irreparably dilapidated and would require an estimated $ 4 million to demolish and tear – money the port authorities don’t have.

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