Real Estate Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Marketer is one of the main functions of the real estate agent. The property is being marketed by you. Potential buyers are contacting you to learn more about your community. You constantly market your services and yourself. Do you have any experience in the business? You can use these guidelines to get your real estate marketing campaign off to a great start.

Best practices for real estate websites

Building your contact database and attracting new leads takes place first through a real estate website. Sites supporting brokerage profiles are available on broker websites. It is important to keep a few best practices in mind if you want your website to serve as a lead generation and branding tool for you. A winning real estate website should include the following elements:

  • The latest SEO strategies regularly updated
  • Property descriptions that are distinctive and interesting
  • Detailed information about neighborhoods
  • Easy navigation on mobile devices
  • Search bar on the site that is IDX-optimized
  • CTAs that work
  • Design and layout that are pleasing to the eye
  • The best free resources for real estate
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Photographs and videos taken by professionals

A top-producing agent’s website will utilize all these elements to capture attention and keep visitors on the site for a while. Following this, they provide contacts, sign-up boxes for newsletters, and links to social media platforms so you can easily get in touch with them.

Real estate marketing strategies using social media

Online marketing for real estate also incorporates social media. It is your goal to drive traffic to your website with a social media strategy. Make use of social media to attract attention. You can get your followers and friends to visit your website directly by providing links and images.

This point is missed by some agents and they overdo it with their Facebook listings. Listings are found on your website. It’s important to get people there with your social media platforms, but you cannot constantly pitch your services.

Put a share button for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on your website so users can easily share your listings.

Strategies for marketing real estate through print

Don’t forget to couple your online marketing strategy with traditional print marketing, as important as they may be. Get your business cards printed immediately after you receive your real estate license. You can pass them out when you have an opportunity to. As well as business cards, you may want to consider yard signs, marketing collateral (such as buyer and seller guides), and other content that you can share with clients.

You can send postcards to the people on your contact list to warn them about upcoming open houses. At your open houses and at any networking events you attend, be sure to have brochures and flyers on hand that are of high quality. You can know more about real estate marketing by listening to real estate marketing podcast with Kurt Uhlir.

Participation in the community

Marketing strategies for real estate must be localized. As a real estate agent, you compete with everyone else in your area. It’s important to make yourself stand out. It is possible to do so by attending local events, volunteering, and supporting causes you believe in. Additionally, you’ll meet people who share your beliefs. It is hoped that you will be able to provide them with real estate advice or assistance.

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