Report factors to scarcity of expert well being care staff; Which jobs are in excessive demand?

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Hospital Association has released its annual Kansas Health Care Workforce Report. The report uses data from a variety of sources to illustrate the challenges facing health workers.

Spokeswoman Cindy Samuelson said the report highlighted several areas that are in high demand as more jobs are created.

“We’ve seen sales related to COVID, retention is challenging too,” said Samuelson.

The KHA workforce survey 2021 provides vacancies and turnover rates for 32 positions. The report shows that vacancy and turnover rates in 2020 for licensed home nurses, personal nurses and certified nursing assistants are higher than in any previous year up to 2013.

The overall turnover rate of the surveyed health care providers in Kansas averaged 18.6 percent, with the highest turnover rate for housekeepers at 31.1 percent, for certified nurses 33.2 percent, and for food service / food workers at 28.6 percent.

Samuelson said hospital and health system executives can use the information to better understand the current work environment and future expectations. She said it was critical to retain a skilled workforce, especially among the healthy number of the state’s elderly population and those with long-standing health problems in the state.

“If you are thinking of keeping an employee, you want to train them and get them into a position and keep them for as long as possible,” said Samuelson.

The association helps hospitals across the state develop recruiting strategies and help keep more people on the workforce. To read the full report, click here.

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