Republican Paul Schimpf to problem Pritzker for governor in 2022 | Politics and elections

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“My vision for Illinois includes a return to responsible government, safe families, and economic growth through the free market. Responsible government is one that recognizes that rising taxes and rising spending may not be our standard answer to every challenge.

“The truth is not afraid of transparency.”

Schimpf, an attorney at Stumpf & Gutknecht, PC in Columbia, Illinois, was the Republican candidate for prosecutor in 2014, losing to Democratic incumbent Lisa Madigan. He was elected senator for the 58th district in 2016 but chose not to stand for re-election in 2020.

As a retired Lt. Col. in the Marines, Schimpf said he brought a wide range of experience to his campaign for the governor. He applauded the small crowd in Rock Island after discovering that one of those experiences was serving as an advisor to the prosecution in the Iraq trial of Saddam Hussein in 2005.

“I believe you have a duty to serve your country, your state and your community,” said Schimpf. “I will strive to make changes and do something. I will not stand idly by as I watch our state government give up its responsibilities and miss opportunities to resolve our long-term problems.”

Schimpf said Illinois must grow its economy through the free market, not through government expansion.

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