Requires Matt Hancock to be stripped of £16ok severance pay

S.Hadow Housing Secretary Lucy Powell said police should investigate Matt Hancock’s actions.

She told Trevor Phillips on Sunday on Sky News that Labor MP Fleur Anderson referred Mr. Hancock to the police to see if any laws had been violated.

“You remember, back when this video was recorded, we were all told that we could only have close contact with those we were in a bubble with, they were our bubble and they were the only people we were were able to have close contact, that was the law at the time, “she said.

“It now turns out that Matt Hancock was actually in two bladders at once without anyone else in that bladder knowing, and that’s how the infection spreads. So yeah, there are serious issues here that need further investigation. And we will be. ” If you look at these you know, Matt Hancock was the first to say that Neil Ferguson and others should have resigned when they broke the rules and that other people had to obey.

“So the rule-maker can’t be the rule-breaker, people want to know that there is accountability in that.”

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