Revere Day Spa Hosted Prostitution Enterprise, Prosecutors Say – NBC Boston

A Massachusetts woman faces multiple charges for allegedly running a prostitution business in her own day spa, state authorities said Tuesday.

Geralda De Matos Garland, 57, of Revere, pleaded not guilty to the Chelsea District Court on Monday of trafficking on charges of sexual bondage and received assistance through prostitution, money laundering and conspiracy, according to a statement from the Attorney General.

The deposit was set at $ 50,000. If she leaves a security deposit, she is subject to GPS monitoring and must hand over her passport.

Garland owned and set up Crystal’s Day Spa in Revere as a human trafficking front, according to the attorney general’s office.

She posted online ads featuring sex, arranged sexual appointments with buyers and collected fees for them, authorities said.

The number at Crystal’s Day Spa was down on Tuesday. It was not clear who was representing her in court.

A hearing for a possible cause is scheduled for May 11th.

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