RRPS college students allowed to take part in sports activities beneath hybrid mannequin

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Parents and students responded Thursday to the Albuquerque Public Schools decision to stay virtual, saying they feel like no one is listening. Many students looking forward to returning in person and even participating in team sports again said the decision last night did not have their best interests in mind. “Your decisions continue to rob us of personal learning and sports,” said one student during the public comment phase of the meeting on Wednesday evening. “I fail all of my classes,” said another student.

These are just some of the votes cast by the APS students before the vote. Now that the district decides to stay virtual for the remainder of the school year, many students are not happy. “So many people came to support the idea of ​​returning and it kind of blew the board,” said Adrian Jaquez, senior at Cibola High School. “I think a lot of seniors feel really robbed. We didn’t really get a chance to enjoy our senior year.”

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