Sacramento Public Well being Officers fear about college outbreaks

“We are concerned about the potential for outbreaks in schools,” the Sacramento County Public Health Epidemiology Program Manager said at a briefing Thursday.

SACRAMENTO, California – As COVID-19 cases rise across Sacramento, public health officials met Thursday morning to discuss the health implications for schools.

Students are returning to school and this has raised concerns as public health staff grapple with how to protect children.

“We are concerned about the potential of outbreaks for schools,” said Jessica White, epidemiology program manager for Sacramento County Public Health, in a media briefing. White said she is not currently aware of the outbreak data, but noted that the county has a team of nurses educating people about COVID-19.

She also said nurses will reach out and investigate the cases, do traces and isolate people if quarantine is required. White went on to say the nurses are well versed in dealing with localized outbreaks in congregational settings. White did not state whether nurses taught directly to parents or school district staff.

At the meeting, Dr. Olivia Kasirye, Sacramento County Health Officer, said the county has received some reports of community outbreaks but they are typically small and easy to contain. She also said that most of the cases are from unvaccinated workers in long-term care facilities. Kasirye did not provide any statistics.

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ABC10 contacted the Department of Health for clarification, but the message was not returned immediately.

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