Santa Clara County to Permit Outside Sports activities With COVID-19 Protocols – NBC Bay Space

After nearly a year, thousands of Santa Clara County’s children will soon be back on the soccer field and in the pool.

Late Monday afternoon, the county joined the state to allow children to participate in outdoor sports starting Friday, as the risk of outdoor transmission is low and COVID-19 cases are falling.

David Grissom, the commissioner responsible for university sports in six districts, is enthusiastic.

“One hundred percent you made the right decision,” he said. “I am thrilled that you made this decision. I admit I was concerned. Glad they looked at the needs of the students and put them first. “

High schools can only compete against teams in neighboring counties with lower COVID-19 cases, according to Grissom, and schools will have to do a lot of work to implement the new safety protocols. However, he says it is worth helping children who have struggled during the shutdown.

“Children’s mental health is so important that they took a back seat during this pandemic and now give them a chance to measure up, which is so positive for them,” he said.

The new state guidelines still don’t allow indoor sports, so lawyers for several female athletes in San Mateo County plan to take legal action as early as Tuesday to get the county to allow indoor volleyball competitions.

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