Saturday’s TV/radio sports activities finest bets | Sports activities

Texas Tech at Kansas Noon 1490-AM *

Arizona at USC 4 p.m. 1290 p.m.

Arizona at USC 4 p.m. 107.5-FM

The Golf Arizona Show 8:00 am 2:00 pm *

Heat in Lakers 6:30 pm 2:00 pm *

* 1490-AM is also broadcast on 104.9-FM

Note: Games can change due to a pandemic.

Channel guidance: Chapter 13 (Chapter 7 at Comcast) BTN is Big Ten Network (Chapter 320 on Cox, Chapter 272 on Comcast, Chapter 610 on DirecTV, Chapter 439 on Dish) CBSS is CBS Sports Network (Chapter 312 on Cox, Chapter 274 on Comcast, Chapter 221 on DirecTV, Chapter 158 on Dish) ESPN (Chapter 24 on Cox, Chapter 2 on Comcast, Chapter 206 on DirecTV, Chapter 140 on Dish) ESPN2 (Chapter 25 on Cox, Chapter 30 on Comcast, Chapter 209 on DirecTV, Chapter 143 on Dish) ESPNU (Chapter 330 on Cox, Chapter 266 on Comcast, Chapter 208 on DirecTV, Chapter 141 on Dish) FS1 is Fox Sports 1 (Chapter 27 on Cox, Chapter 32 on Comcast, Chapter 219 on DirecTV, Chapter 150 on Dish) FSAZ is Fox Sports Arizona (Chapter 26 on Cox, Chapter 31 on Comcast, Chapter 686 on DirecTV, Chapter 415 on Dish) golf (Chapter 65 on Cox, Chapter 28 on Comcast, Chapter 218 on DirecTV, Chapter 401 on Dish) NBCS is NBC Sports Network (Chapter 59 on Cox, Chapter 29 on Comcast, Chapter 220 on DirecTV, Chapter 159 on Dish) NHL is NHL Network (Chapter 310 on Cox, Chapter 279 on Comcast, Chapter 215 on DirecTV, Chapter 157 on Dish) Pac-12A is Pac-12 Arizona (Ch 75 on Cox, Ch 103 on Comcast, not available on DirecTV, Ch. 409, Ch 406 on Dish Hopper or contact Dish for channel information) Pac-12N Pac-12 Network (Chapter 70 on Cox, Chapter 283 on Comcast, not available on DirecTV, Chapter 409 on Dish, Chapter 406 on Dish Hopper) SEC is SEC Network (Chapter 329 on Cox, Chapter 286 on Comcast, Chapter 611 on DirecTV, Chapter 408 on Dish)

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