SBCC Opts out of late spring sports activities season

SANTA BARBARA, California – Santa Barbara City College has made the institutional decision to end the sport in the late spring window due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These sports are all of the traditional spring sports – baseball, softball, volleyball for men, golf for men, tennis for men, athletics for men, athletics for women, swimming and diving for women, tennis for women, and beach volleyball for women.

“We are disappointed to be unchecked for the competition in late spring, but hope to check things again at a later date when conditions improve,” said Athletics Director Rocco Constantino. “We’re still in the most restrictive purple tier, and while the numbers are improving, we haven’t been able to leave the purple tier as a county.”

Constantino added that the vaqueros “keep their options open to some degree of competition, which could include inter-school competition, inter-school scrimmages, or intrasquad scrimmages among us”.

The CCCAA allows schools to re-enroll if they originally opted out. The CCCAA has a February 26 deadline for schools to declare whether or not they will be participating in intercollegiate sports competitions this spring.

“I can empathize with our students, coaches and families, but the way things stand now I believe this is the best option we have,” said Constantino. “It is difficult to get involved in athletics when current COVID conditions don’t allow us to move forward with personal academics. I am grateful that we are open to reconsider the decision at a later date and hope that we do this is the case. ” keeps improving, we can possibly take a step forward. “

Article courtesy of Santa Barbara City College Athletics

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