Seahawks security Quandre Diggs insists he isn’t ‘holding in,’ expects to return to follow quickly

Quandre Diggs sat back from Seahawks training and continued what is known as a “hold-in” in hopes of revising his contract. Pete Carroll noted that Diggs “made a little testimony” by sitting out last week.

Seattle security, however, is unwilling to characterize its position on the sidelines as such.

“I had to make the best decision for myself. Like I said, I wouldn’t say it was a statement. I mean, I’m grateful to be here. I tell you all the time that I’m grateful, here I’m blessed to be a Seahawk, “Diggs told the Associated Press. “I wouldn’t say it was a reset, but there were some things I had to fix by my side to find out.”

With Duane Brown out of training with the left tackle hoping to get a new deal, and Jamal Adams dropping out before his big payday, Diggs continues the trend of Seattle players hoping to revise their contracts .

Diggs said he anticipates returning soon, with week 1 only 11 days away.

“The little thing that I have to do, once it’s done – signed, sealed, delivered – I’ll be back in training,” said Diggs. “I wouldn’t call it hold-in. I would say I’m just clearing up a few things and will be back on the road with my team-mates soon. “

The former six-round pick from Detroit signed a three-year extension of $ 18.6 million with the Lions in 2018 before the club sent him to Seattle in 2019. Diggs will pay a base salary of $ 5.95 million in 2021 -9 tough security wants a new deal. The Seattle Times reported that the team and Diggs are working on an insurance policy to protect against injury.

There are 19 securities currently earning more than $ 6.2 million from Diggs per year. How the Seahawks are handling their recent contract battle with a key player will be monitored, but there does not appear to be any threat of keeping the pro bowler out early in the season.

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