Shaquil Barrett free company 2021: Newest information, rumors, scouting report and groups

If you’re looking for an elite pass rusher this off-season, Shaquil Barrett is the place for you. The Buccaneers Edge Rusher is about to go into unrestricted free action and when it does get to that point, it will investigate a number of clubs vying for its services and setting up an important payday. According to Spotrac’s market forecast, Barrett could consider a contract that pays him an average annual salary of $ 19.7 million per season, which isn’t a bad change at all. The elephant in the room, however, is that the Bucs may put the franchise tag on him again and keep him out of the open market. However, if he does break up, he will be a very popular player during this free agent cycle.

For the past two seasons in Tampa Bay after joining the Denver Broncos, Barrett has become one of the league’s elite pass rushers. Barrett is from the 2019 season and has 27.5 sacks, 93 presses and 38 rushes. At the same time, he helps the Bucs develop into Super Bowl LV champions. During this playoff run, the 28-year-old was a monster with a total of four sacks, nine tackles and eight quarterback hits. Needless to say, he’s pretty good at disrupting the pass.

In this area we will delve into Barrett’s upcoming freelance agency and be your go-to for all news and rumors regarding the next step in his career. We’ll keep this page updated to keep up with the latest developments so you know exactly where he’s going when it happens.

Top free agent landing sites for Barrett

If the Buccaneers choose to use the franchise tag this off-season, the betting favorite is that it is Barrett who gets it. The Tampa Bay Brass have noted that they want to keep most of their core that helped them win the Super Bowl LV, which certainly includes Barrett. If they can’t agree on a long-term deal before the new league year begins, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they tagged it. This not only ensures that he will be on the team in 2021, but also extends the negotiation window well into the summer.

Outside of a possible return to Tampa Bay, you need to see who can spend the most money talking about a free agent of Barrett’s caliber. That leads us to the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, and New England Patriots. The Jags are predicted to have the most cap space in the entire NFL by a fairly healthy margin. Heading into the Trevor Lawrence era, Urban Meyer could try to build a strong defense with some high profile players while his franchise quarterback is on a rookie contract. In 2020, Jacksonville ranked 31st in sacks in the NFL, so adding a piece like Barrett’s seems quite necessary.

At the Jets, new head coach Robert Saleh is a defensive guy after coming over from the 49ers where he served as their DC. With the Jets ranked second-highest in the league, they have plenty of room to attract a player like Barrett who could fit in perfectly with how Saleh plans to build his unit. The Patriots who stay at the AFC East also have plenty of leeway to work with, and while many expect them to use it to fight the crime, don’t be surprised if Belichick jags. New England doesn’t usually break the bank for players, but Barrett could be a rare exception, much like when the team signed Stephon Gilmore to a massive contract on the first day of the free agency in 2017. Belichick has yet to find a quarterback to help rebuild the Patriots, but the hoodie could choose to overhaul the defense to bring out a physical football style that it appears to embrace.

  • Tampa Bay privateers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New York Jets
  • New England Patriots

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Scouting report (pros and cons)


  • Elite Pass Rusher (19.5 bags in 2019)
  • Long-lived (missed a game while in office at Bucs)
  • Strong against the barrel
  • Rarely misses duels
  • Clutch, plays well in large games (NFC Championship Game, Super Bowl LV)


  • It took five seasons to break out and some questions like lightning bolt in the pan

Free agent timeline

February 11th: During an appearance on Sir DogXM Mad Dog Sports Radio, Barrett, who played the 2020 season on Franchise Day, told host Adam Schein that he felt he deserved a big deal and that “it’s time for me to break that “bank now. “

“I mean, I still want a good fit for myself and a good fit for the family,” he said, explaining that he would hope to stay with the buccaneers. “So whatever that is, it turns out. But I want, I want to be, I want to be here. I think we have a great team here, a great organization here. So we will definitely just keep going. ” to see how it works and shake it up. But I’m looking forward to doing something here. “

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