Soros-funded Los Angeles DA stokes extra outrage by calling household of homicide sufferer too uneducated to ‘KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT’ — RT USA Information

The new Los Angeles County attorney, elected through the funding of billionaire George Soros, has sparked tension over his leftist politics by calling family members of a murder victim too illiterate to “shut up”.

“It’s unfortunate that we have people who don’t have enough education to shut up so we can talk,” District Attorney George Gascon said outside a courthouse in Pomona, California on Friday.

BREAKING: We received a video from LA DA George Gascon today at the Pomona courthouse in which he, as the family of a murdered man, says, “It is unfortunate that some people do not have enough education to keep their mouths shut so we can talk “Victim yells at him. @ / IkHVhhp25u

– Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) December 19, 2020

A woman in the crowd replied, “My son can never speak again because he was murdered. He was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. My son is important. “

Gascon later made a statement to Fox 11 Los Angeles saying he did not know who was yelling while trying to speak. “It wasn’t until later that I understood what they were yelling about, much less that they were victims,” ​​he said. “Anyway, I shouldn’t have reacted like that.” He added that he plans to contact the family to “hear them”.

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The 65-year-old prosecutor, who was born in Cuba and previously served as the San Francisco prosecutor, took office in Los Angeles earlier this month after scoring more than 2.5 from Soros, who helped install the Left Millions of dollars in campaign funding had been elected to prosecutors in the US. Gascon quickly angered families of crime victims by announcing policies such as the prohibition of the death penalty, discontinuation of the use of bail, and ordering prosecutors to help criminals who have been harshly convicted in the past reduce their sentences – even when they are struggling to keep up with crimes crumbling.

Gascon also banned prosecutors in the country’s largest DA office from imposing life sentences without parole in particularly heinous cases – without “special circumstances”. A beneficiary of the new policy is Rhett Nelson, who allegedly murdered Russian snowboard star Dmitry Koltsov and deputy sheriff Joseph Gilbert Solano in June 2019. About an hour after leaving Koltsov to die on the sidewalk, Nelson Solano is reported to have shot in the back of the head while the deputy waited in line at a fast food restaurant in the Alhambra.

Following a public backlash to his decision, Gascon said Friday that it would allow the use of special circumstances in certain cases, including hate crimes and cases of child or elder abuse. However, the murder of a law enforcement officer is still not considered a special circumstance by Gascon.

The DA office is working to drop special circumstances in cases that do not fit Gascon’s exemptions. That provision was dropped on Friday in the case of the five men who allegedly kidnapped, tortured and murdered 20-year-old Julian Andrade in 2018.

The suspects allegedly kidnapped Andrade because they thought he had stolen some of her marijuana. Prosecutors said the men repeatedly beat and stabbed their victim and then drove to the mountains northeast of Los Angeles to dump his body. On the way they found he was still alive and stomped on his head. Then they threw him off a cliff, but one of the suspects had to go down to finish him off after still hearing him fight.

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Andrade’s mother, Desiree Andrade, told Fox 11 Los Angeles that the alleged killers grinned in court on Friday as the particular circumstances of the case were dropped. According to reports, they could be paroled in just 20 years.

“It’s all sick,” said the victim’s mother. “I felt disappointed with this justice system.”

Conservative commentators said Gascon’s crackdown on those who yelled at him showed his lack of concern for crime victims. “That’s who they are,” tweeted writer Mike Cernovich. Attorney Harmeet Dhillon said the scene showed “Gascon’s ugly disdain for the victims, loud and clear.”

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza agreed, saying, “Only if you think Los Angeles can’t get worse…” Another observer said, “I feel awful for these families, but how are these Soros people chosen ? What does that say about the people of LA? “

I feel awful for these families … but how are these Soros people chosen? What does that say about the people of LA?

– George Frost (@gmfrost) December 19, 2020

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