Sports activities buying and selling card enterprise surging throughout pandemic

(CBS) – The sports trading card business has seen particularly strong growth in recent years during the pandemic, as some collectors pick up a new hobby and others return to a childhood favorite.

“I’ve been in this industry for over 30 years and had the store for over 22 years. I’ve never seen more kids in the store than this year,” he said.

S&S Sports Cards was closed to the public for three months at the height of the pandemic, but the store was able to double its profits over the past year from online sales and customers stopping by after it reopened.

“People had more time. People wanted to relive things that made them feel good as children, ”said Thomas.

Panini America is the world’s largest licensed sports and entertainment collectibles company.

Adam Thomas’ sports card store in Tulsa, Oklahoma was busier than ever.

CEO Mark Warsop said, “Demand now far outweighs supply.” He adds: “If you haven’t collected trading cards in 20 years, check back soon. You can buy trading cards with precious stones, trading cards made of precious metals. “

Finding out what’s in a pack is also a lucky factor. These so-called “pulls” are often streamed on social media and attract younger collectors. Even a basic package bought for a few dollars can have a limited supply card worth thousands, and the value only increases from there.

In January, a Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for a record $ 5.2 million.

The NFL and NBA that are fueling the growth in sports trading cards. A signed card from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sold for $ 861,000 last month.

“Don’t treat everything as an investment or a get-rich-quick program. Collect whatever you like, whether it’s a player, a team or some kind of card, and enjoy the hobby, ”said Thomas.

And always remember the simple joy of luck in the draw.

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