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UNM CAN ONLY do so much to make up for the budget deficit that you have faced during the fiscal year. Where other states have rich alumni who support their respective sports departments, New Mexico is one of the poorest states in the country. Even if the Lobos had a very successful sports program, the majority of private donors would still be missing. I think the current sports director is doing his best to manage the budget effectively, but without support from alumni and the public sector, his options are limited.

– The pessimist

It does not matter If UNM athletics are in the red, they will be saved. You know, I know, and the UNM administration knows.

– MarkSD

IF THAT The Lobo basketball season is over and over. I think what will bother me the most is that I can’t really send Senior Makuach Maluach out of the pit. It’s been a pleasure to see him over the past 4 years. I hate to see him go out without fanfare. Of course, there’s a chance he might choose to play another year, as the NCAA decided last year that this wasn’t counted as a year of eligibility. We can only hope.

– Bob, UNM area

I NEVER THOUGHT I would see the day the Lobos MWC high double digit games lose. Unfortunately, most of the games are on national television. Many across the country ask, “What’s wrong with New Mexico?” Though Santa Fe has given a brutal hand, the reality is that the UNM will fight the Air Force for last place in the conference. No coach, who is paid roughly $ 700,000 a year, is going to step down, but Garnett and Eddie, will Lobo fans return for a personal round next season?

………………………………………….. …………..

– Joseph

COMMISSIONER GOODELL: It’s unfair that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a home advantage in the Super Bowl. To make sure this never happens again, please stop all future Super Bowls in Dallas.

– Uptown Ed

In which locker Did the APS Athletics Director and all APS Sports Directors go into hiding during COVID-19? How can the APS board and the governor be so clueless when it comes to college sports and student mental health? ADs You have nothing else to do than stand up for these carefree “leaders”. My teachers may be scared of the classroom, but my trainer and every trainer I know are dying to get our teams back on the field to compete.

– BD and the team

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