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BRAVO TO 98 New Mexico Schools Engaging College Sports This Spring! However, the APS and Los Lunas public schools, boroughs that get the most money, have the biggest administrative staff and the most student athletes, can’t come up with decoupling plans and lobby our governor the Mighty Mite to keep our children playing? Here are the proactive, big-brained adults in these districts who know how to lead and fight for the physical and mental health of our student athletes. What pathetic New Mexicans, you bank them all.


OUR GOVERNOR stated that she was “very disappointed” with APS voting not to return to class after the hybrid model. Still, it will punish the district’s student athletes by not allowing them to play sports. She also remains the only female governor in the 50 states not to allow universities to play their games in the state for which the physical, mental and financial burden has not yet been fully determined. Many thanks to the athletes, coaches and staff for persevering in survival mode. In short, this dictatorial policy is just insane.

– NM classic cars

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MANY THANKS TO Rick Wright for his article on John Charzuk. John trained both my wife and daughter so I’d heard of his kindness and positive support. However, until I read the article, I had no idea how many lives it had affected. He was a uniquely positive person and will be greatly missed.

– RG1

THE GOVERNOR kills college sports with local gambling banned. OK, UNM men’s basketball hasn’t been great for a while, but the NMSU recently won the conference championships and now has a lost conference record, no accident. The governor says she “follows science”; I’m not sure where she’s getting this from as no other state is doing this (by the way, our COVID record is not particularly better than other states). Good for UNM women to overcome this, but it seems they lost games too. Enough is enough, let’s play and watch.


THE WORDS OF A recently released song by Rascal Flatts went quite well with Lobo’s basketball season: did you make her laugh or make her cry? Did you quit or did you try? Live your dreams or let them die? What did you choose What did you choose

– Joel from TX

MAKUACH MALUACH: Win or lose, you have to love him!

– Bob, UNM area

THE UNM MEN The basketball team is one of the worst Division I free throw shooting teams this season. Desperate times call for desperate measures. When Paul Weir returns next season, he will have to consult with Famer Rick Barry’s Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall. As a 90% career free throw shooter, he was able to teach the team how to do it. What’s the downfall here? He shot it under the hand. Razzing fans of other teams would be the only national attention on the horizon for this UNM program.

– Fading Lobo fan

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