Springfield considers particular permits for quick meals eating places, endeavor enterprise

SPRINGFIELD – The city council has scheduled public hearings for Monday evening to consider special permit requests, including plans for two new fast food restaurants.

The remote council meeting begins at 7 p.m. on Focus Springfield Community Television and on Zoom.

Colvest / Columbus Springfield LLC is applying for special permission to convert a building at 1259 East Columbus Ave., at the corner of Union Street in the South End, into a Burger King. Approval is required for the drive-up window.

The Burger King will be located in an empty storefront next to the current offices of Colvest Group and Berkshire Bank, according to the planning department’s report.

In a separate hearing, Holyoke Retail LLC, which serves Covest Group, proposes building a restaurant in Kentucky Fried Chicken at 56 and 64 St. James Blvd. in Liberty Heights, with a drive-up window that requires special permission.

The proposed development is on the corner of St. James Avenue, next to a Walgreens store. Two vacant commercial buildings on the site were demolished.

A third hearing concerns a proposed company at 43 Sullivan St. in Liberty Heights. The petitioner, Joseph J. Nowak, plans to rent part of a mixed-use office building.

Instead of providing services to the general public, the company would provide support services, including remains removal, embalming, and shipping remains to retail funeral homes, according to the planning department’s analysis.

A fourth special permit application was filed by Kevin Conway for an automotive sales and service store at 143 Parker St., Indian Orchard.

The property is empty but was used for a similar business years ago. A special permit is required if a property has been vacant for more than two years.

The former building was demolished and a new building with a parking lot in front is planned in the rear part of the property, according to the analysis of the planning department.

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