Store Small 716: Apa’s Kitchen within the Broadway Market

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – The Broadway market is becoming increasingly diverse, reflecting the makeup of the Broadway-Fillmore District that surrounds it.

“Broadway-Fillmore is now the melting pot of Buffalo City, and it’s incredibly important that restaurants reflect that diversity here in the city and now in the Broadway market,” said Mitch Nowakowski, a member of the Buffalo Joint Council that serves the district Fillmore represents.

One of the newest suppliers is Apa’s Kitchen, a family business serving halaal Bangladeshi and Indian food.

Apa’s Kitchen opened in the market on February 5th. The owner Syeda Moin has been cooking for 35 years and running restaurants in Manhattan and Long Island.

She moved to Buffalo less than a year ago, visiting relatives first and then staying because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moin says her business has been doing very well since it opened in the market.

“The University of Buffalo students love it,” she added.

Apa’s Kitchen offers a variety of dishes including biryani, kababs, curries and samosas.

“It’s absolutely homemade food,” said Moin. “Everything we do, we make fresh.”

Moin said she also plans to add a halal food market soon with items like bubble tea.

The Easter season at Broadway Market is just around the corner. Last year, the pandemic prevented indoor shopping during the season.

“The Broadway market suffered badly during the pandemic – it wiped out a large income base at an inopportune time,” Nowakowski said. “As a result, the market will always survive – new stores will be opened and long-time vendors have remained unaffected by the pandemic and will be here for the long term.”

Features like the “kitchen at the market” enable small vendors to rent out the commercial kitchen in the market and to hold pop-up events to sell their groceries.

Broadway Market is open all year.

“We want people to come here to enjoy the wonderful vendors – not just at Easter, but all year round because the variety we see in the market can now be seen in the market,” said Nowakowski. “You can pick up your regional delicacy, but also new ones.”

Broadway Market opening hours and more information can be found here.

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