Tecumseh sports activities bar awarded cash from Barstool Sports activities fundraiser

The fundraiser, organized by Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, raises money for small businesses across the country struggling with the pandemic.

TECUMSEH, me. – In the center of downtown Tecumseh is Muk’s Sports Pub. The building itself has been serving beer since the prohibition period and has been open as a pub for 42 years.

Muk’s is one of many local bars that find their way around the ever-changing COVID-19 rules.

In November, when Michigan restaurants were ordered to eat in person for the second time, Muk’s was almost permanently closed.

Currently, Michigan restaurants are only allowed 25% open for personal meals, which can be a challenge for many business owners to make a profit.

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“It just killed us. My employees were almost unemployed. It was the first time that I couldn’t give them a Christmas bonus. It was just heartbreaking,” said Karin Mukensturm.

The owner Karin Mukensturm made a leap of faith and applied for the Barstool Fund. The fundraiser is being organized by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and is raising money for small businesses across the country struggling with the pandemic.

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Karin’s manager helped create a video explaining why they needed the money.

“You know we’re a small town! Small bar, and I know there are hundreds of thousands of businesses that need it. I mean, I didn’t think it would!” said Shannon Kurowski, manager of Muk’s.

To her great surprise, Muk’s was selected to receive cash from Barstool. Muk’s receive $ 8,500 a month until they no longer need it.

“He said, ‘You know we are here to help a company like yours that is now in trouble through no fault of its own.’ You know, it was like taking 20 pounds off my shoulder, “said Mukensturm.

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