Tepper Sports activities & Leisure brings some workers again

The Carolina Panthers warm up before facing the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 4, 2020 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.

The Carolina Panthers warm up before facing the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 4, 2020 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.

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After more than 16 employees in August, Tepper Sports & Entertainment brought back the vast majority of those employees while cutting a handful of jobs, a TS&E spokesman confirmed.

In August, Tepper Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte FC, laid off or laid off employees, more than 20 of whom were affected by the moves, The Observer reported. The personnel changes affected departments and salary levels with affected areas such as security, community relations, ticketing and entertainment.

The vacation days were originally set up until January 31st, although employees returned to work over a period of time and were implemented to keep the team running. The TS&E spokesperson confirmed that many of the employees on leave were back at work or had the opportunity to return. However, several positions were deemed not material to the business at this point and were eliminated.

When the vacation days and layoffs were implemented in the summer, it was hoped the changes would minimize the moves the company, with fewer than 300 employees, had to make in the months that followed. There have been no major vacation days or layoffs since then.

“I make these decisions based on what is good for the organization and what is good for the individual. It’s not good if a person sits idle for a year or a year and a half or two and has nothing to do within the organization, ”said Tepper about the vacation days in September. “You are only based on a financial question, this is a human question, and everyone is an individual. … Sometimes difficult decisions, sometimes there is always the right decision. It doesn’t seem like the right decision for everyone involved, but they are still the right decision. “

Last month, the team promoted Vice President of Communications and External Affairs Steven Drummond to Senior Advisor to the Chairman and Vice President of External Football Operations and to Eddie Levins, Director of Security, who led the Panthers’ efforts against COVID-19, and Vice President of Compliance & Operations.

TS&E also left Meredith Starkey, Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer, when the business side of the organization was adjusted and that role is no longer part of the staff. She also moved from two members of the football operations team under New General Manager Scott Fitterer – Director of Football Operations Bryan Porter and Director of Football Staff Mark Carrier. The team is looking for a new Chief Revenue Officer and Vice President of Corporate Partnerships.

Last May, TS & E parted ways with more than 10 employees. These steps had nothing to do with the pandemic and were extended to many employees who had been with the Panthers organization for several years.

Tepper, owner of the Panthers and Charlotte FC, is the founder and CEO of global hedge fund Appaloosa Management and the wealthiest owner of the NFL, valued at $ 13 billion, according to Forbes. He bought the Panthers in 2018 for $ 2.275 billion and Charlotte FC, the 30th MLS expansion team, for more than $ 200 million. The first MLS season in Charlotte has been postponed until 2022.

The NFL canceled all preseason games, eliminating the team’s revenue potential from two preseason home competitions. Attendance was reduced at all eight home games in the regular season, including the fact that there were no fans at the Panthers home game.

The Panthers’ new facility in Rock Hill is currently under construction and is expected to open in 2023. In addition, renovations were carried out at Bank of America Stadium to expand the MLS team, as well as additional work on one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL.

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