The 17 Greatest Health Studios In Los Angeles: LAist

By Joy Bitonio

We pained. We gained. We logged in countless sweaty hours to bring you this comprehensive, tried and true list of the best places in L.A. to workout. We’re betting you’ll discover your favorite spot to work on that beach bod, just in time for summer.

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Get LIT on this sexy equipment (via Facebook)
We bet you’ve never got LIT like this before. In this context, it stands for “low impact training” —a sustainable, balanced approach that is intelligently designed to build, not break, you. The LIT Method consists of a 50-minute class featuring four phases that employ a water rower for cardio and resistance bands for targeting muscle groups. Safe, functional, and effective is the name of the game here. During the rowing segments, your machine gets lit, emanating a crimson hue as though to help you visualize the caloric burn. Regulars gush about the motivating trainers and passionate staff. An introductory buy-one-get-one free offer is available (a single drop in session is $28).

LIT Method is located at 8474 W 3rd Street, Suite 214, Beverly Grove, (323) 592-3103.

Musical musings on the studio walls (Photo courtesy of Playlist Yoga)

When it comes to yoga studios, this place is as boutique chic as it gets. Music is the central theme here, and you’ll notice it in the details, from the lyrics on the walls to the lockers in the lobby. Bonus points for the tongue-in-cheek placement of Kanye’s locker next to Taylor’s. Energetic playlists match powerful flows led by candlelit instructors in a clean, modern space. Designated mat spots can be reserved in advance so you can flow in peace. A single class is $25; they also offer a community class for $10 (check the schedule for dates).

Playlist Yoga is located at 624 N La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, (424) 249-3400.

Behold, the futuristic Supraformer (via Facebook)

What happens when a Pilates reformer gets busy with Optimus Prime? The Supraformer—a futuristic machine with an LED underglow—is born and it’s found exclusively at this studio. It’s the latest creation of Sebastien Lagree, the fitness visionary behind the Lagree Fitness Method, a laser focused routine that targets muscle exhaustion like a heat seeking missile. In the span of just 25 effective minutes, a trainer orchestrates the Supraformer’s position using a handheld tablet to incline or tilt all of the machines in unison. This adds the element of gravity to the mix, resulting in a workout that is more challenging and rewarding.

Lagree Fitness Studio is located at 375 N La Cienega Boulevard, Suite 1, Beverly Grove, (310) 801-1838.

Earning those coveted all-season abs (Photo by Robert Vega, courtesy of The Studio (MDR))

Peek into The Studio (MDR) on any given day and you’ll see diaphoretic gym rats and the undeniable fruits of their labor. Ripped abs? Check. Toned arms? Check. Perky backside? Long lean legs? Check and check. Through endurance building routines on the Megaformer, you’ll power through intense exercises that are tied together with fluid transitions. The payoff is constant contraction against the resistance of the equipment’s spring load, bringing about complete muscle failure. First sessions are $18, or opt for the first week special for $39.

The Studio (MDR) West is located at 330 Washington Boulevard, Suite B, Marina del Rey, (424) 228-4265. The Studio (MDR) East is located at 13357 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, (310) 881-9467. The Studio (MDR) Playa Vista is located at 12775 W. Millennium, Suite 150.

L.A. has love for the Aussies (via Facebook)

If you’re motivated by sweat sessions narrated with hot accents and a side of corny humor, Training Mate is the place for you. The Australian trainers here are known for being easy on the eyes, but hard on the HIIT. Participants are split up into four groups, each starting at a different station, where they perform a circuit for 45 seconds before moving on the the next. A variety of equipment is used to perform cardio and strength exercises that are constantly switched up to keep things interesting for regulars. The final circuit takes place in the outdoor urban garden for fresh air and ab work. First class free.

Training Mate is located at 7825 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood (323) 688-5359.

Exterior view of the studio (via Facebook)

Heat and bare feet is the name of the game at this 10,000-square-foot, color therapy-lit fitness wonderland. A nice mix of classes fill the schedule here, allowing students to cross-train between different modalities under one roof. From barefoot bootcamp to hot barre, to battle ropes, Kundalini, and more; Set And Flow Yoga is your oyster. Grab an elixir at the kombucha bar to end your sweat sesh on an effervescent note. First class is free, or $5 for 5 with local ID.

Set And Flow Yoga is located at 1619 N. La Brea Avenue, Hollywood, (323) 464-3569.

Outside of the Cycle House studio (via Facebook)

Music is scientifically proven to increase endurance by as much as 15 percent. At Cycle House, they help you crank out the cardio by pumping you full of performance enhancing tunes on a bangin’ sound system. Bikes are lined up tight, keeping you shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors and their energetic vibes. Just be sure to mind your wingspan when wielding hand weights.

Your first attempt driving to the West Hollywood studio may make you think Waze led you astray, but don’t fret. Simply park in their designated lot and follow the athleisure-clad crowd across La Cienega and through a small alley shared with Alfred Coffee. Spin shoes, towels, and bottle fills from their alkaline water system are complimentary, as is the liberty to sweat through your shirt by the time it’s all done. $18 for the first class.

Cycle House is located at 8511 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, (310) 358-0888 and 1541 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, (310) 394-4800.

Logging miles on the Woodway Curve treadmill (Photo courtesy of Speedplay LA)

Brought to life by a personal trainer and chiropractor, the workouts here take you on a rollercoaster of hustle, varying workout speed and intensity based off the concept of fartlek. Fast-paced classes will run through intervals of run, row, suspension train, and lift, using some pretty impressive equipment—like the manually powered Woodway Curve treadmill. Proper form is emphasized on the Woodway, and motivated fitness freaks who appreciate its extra push are a few reasons why they come back for more. Single session $27 ($30 at their Beverly Hills location).

Speedplay LA is located at 1113 1/2 S Hope Street, downtown Los Angeles, (213) 894-9944 and 8500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, (323) 473-5191.

The instructors are probably nicer than those a regular boot camp, but the work out is still tough. (via Facebook)

The O.G. of tread-and-floor bootcamp classes as we know it is Barry’s. This was the place to go for a balanced cardio and strength training workout in a nightclub-inspired environment. Their muscle-group focus changes on a regular basis, allowing students mix-and-match their weekly routine and create balance in training sessions. Woodway treadmills are the Bentleys of the treadmill world, and you can find these eco-friendly bad boys here. Hollywood is their newest and biggest location and the spot with all of the bells and whistles, including smoothies at the Fuel Bar and the most coveted of all things in Hollywood: 90 minutes of free parking with validation. First class goes for $28.

Barry’s Bootcamp is located at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 110, Hollywood, (323) 848-4761; 1106 N. La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, (310) 360-6262; and 14622 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, (818) 784-6262. Check website for more information on locations across the country.

Life’s a beach when you’ve got an indoor sandbox (via Facebook)

When you can’t get to the beach, Sandbox Fitness brings the beach to you thanks to their giant indoor sandbox. Sand training is renowned for its superior low impact benefits over training on hard surfaces, and its unstable surface activates infrequently-used stabilizer muscles, efficiently spiking heart rates while staying gentle on the joints. One of the best workouts here is Tidal Turbulence, a high-intensity total body workout that combines work on the SURFSET (unstable surfboard) and TRX Suspension Training. It’s the next best thing to a day at the beach. First class is free; visit the online for information on their West Hollywood studio.

Sandbox Fitness is located at 13557 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, (818) 290-3591 and 8317 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood.

Students being coached through a boxing style conditioning circuit (via Facebook)

This isn’t a wannabe fitness class loosely inspired by boxing—in fact, it’s quite the contrary. At Iron Boxing, you’ll learn how to throw proper boxing combinations with professional boxers/boxing coaches. Class is run in a circuit fashion, where the instructors rotate you through stations that include heavy bags, strength/conditioning, and focus mitts. Rotation intervals consist of three minutes of work and one minute of rest. Students quickly see gains in technique, agility, endurance, and power thanks to the varied styles of the coaches and their genuinely patient and encouraging ringside manner. Free guest pass for first timers.

Iron Boxing is located at 1919 Broadway, Santa Monica, (310) 264-9800.

Getting it in at their one year anniversary party (via Facebook)

This is the only place in Los Angeles offering circuit training classes on a certified Olympic Spring Floor. It’s a genius way to offer a high-energy, lower-impact workout performed without shoes. In each choreographed class, you’ll use resistance bands, light weights, and weighted medicine balls. Personalized attention, passionate instructors, and an emphasis on proper form is what makes this class as effective as it is fun.

Shift by Dana Perri is located at 14374 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, (818) 465-3677.

Clients getting tucked up at the barre (via Facebook)

Tiny down, tiny up. At Pure Barre, it’s the little things that count. The small, specific, isometric movements of this method might appear easy to onlookers, but when performed correctly, it’s a silent killer. Results find their way into those hard to tone areas in a jiffy with the help of the ballet barre, resistance tubing, and light weights. They also offer a fast paced class called Pure Barre Platform (to get your cardio game up) as a balanced complement to their signature classes. First class is $17.

Pure Barre has several locations across Los Angeles. Visit the website for details.

Serious ceiling envy (Photo courtesy of Rise Nation)

The ceiling installation lined with LED lights at this studio makes you feel like you’re in a nightclub full of Versaclimbers. These vertical machines offer a full body, functional workout in a short but sweet 30 minutes, ascending you into sweat euphoria. Pop out into the patio after class for a cool breeze, fresh juice, and a sense of accomplishment as you check off yet another item on your endless to-do list. New client series $30 for 3 classes (normally $26 for a single class).

Rise Nation is located at 613 N La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, (424) 343-0082.

Stadium seating means every bike has a view (Photo courtesy of Flywheel)

Flywheel brings stadium seating and performance tracking tech to Woodland Hills, the location of their third and newest studio. Using the Torqboard technology, riders can measure their progress and indulge in some healthy competition by measuring their progress with a “power score” (based on resistance and RPM). Instructors start class with suggested target resistance levels and RPMs to strive for, but riders can decide whether to push harder or dial back. Flybarre is another format offered here, which uses the barre and a series of small movement of exercise. Towels, spin shoes, and a filtered water system are all part of the deal when you ride here. LED light display enhancements will be added this month to spice up the studio for riders as well as a new Power30 class for those with just a half hour to squeeze it in. First class is free when you sign up for a Flywheel Sports account; subsequent rides are $25.

Flywheel is located at 6316 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Woodland Hills, (818) 850-4047; 8599 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, (310) 360-7200; and 147 North Larchmont Boulevard, Larchmont, (323) 446-2425.

A runway of Pilates equipment to burn the pie and lattes you had next door (Photo by Joy Bitonio) CLUB PILATES

The newest location of Club Pilates has landed in Echo Park, complete with a welcoming vibe and a hands-on approach to teaching. Beyond the Reformer, there is an entire array of Pilates/functional training equipment used here, such as the Chair, Springboard, and the TRX. As a result, users love the wide variety of class offerings available; it’s a place where practitioners of every level can find a suitable challenge, an option to progress, and the ability to explore what’s right for them. First class is $5.

Club Pilates is located at 1720 W Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park, (323) 505-4355; 1119 S. Hope Street, downtown Los Angeles, (213) 204-6900; and 730 N La Brea Avenue, Hollywood, (323) 774-2701. Check website for more locations.

40 minutes on the Fitwall (Photo courtesy of Fitwall)

If you’ve got 40 minutes, they’ve got you covered. Fitwall focuses on bodyweight training rooted in the science of rock climbing. Not to be confused with a rock climbing wall, The Fitwall is a sturdy apparatus resembling a wide ladder that is fully appointed with other fitness equipment, such as TRX, resistance bands, and more. Each Fitwall has a monitor that displays a choreographed workout, your progress, and heart rate (which is tracked via a polar strap that is worn during class). This training system is intended to achieve the full spectrum of fitness to include cardiovascular health, strength, coordination, speed/agility, and flexibility. You’ll find the trainers here to be highly motivating and energetic, pushing them through the burn to get to the other side of the final minutes of each class. On top of all of that, these guys win for best post-workout amenities: a cold eucalyptus towel and a shot of coconut water for a job well done. First class free.

Fitwall is located at 26799 Agoura Road, Unit C6, Calabasas, (818) 665-5142. Santa Monica location coming soon.

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