The Day – Poetry in a Pandemic: Protecting COVID

What a vortex of wonder

From emotions that determine the range

From fear to sadness

From tears to hugs

Limited, of course

For those you live with

Not everyone you love.

Strength comes from above.

When you feel things pull on your heart

Take another arrow

From the media

From your friends

Will it ever end?

Everyone has an opinion

Your own rules.

Updates every day

We’re back to school.

Who am I following?

What is safe

Whoever thought

Could a hug endanger your life?

And others would criticize tisk tisk.

Every meeting is all about numbers and the environment.

Outside? Within? What should it be?

And for God’s sake

Please put on a mask!

Corona is getting annoying, she said.

And I’m not talking about the beer.

But I’m afraid of the bars.

I cannot visit inside

Do you wanna run and hide?

About people, places and things

That brought earlier

So much luck.

Hungry for a hug

Quality time that feels right.

Summer brought warm hikes at a distance of two meters.

Winter brought cold stools if the eyes were wise.

Let’s exchange gifts even though it’s cold.

When we are warm and cozy

Are hungry for.

Sarah Lombardo lives in Stonington and has made the most of the pandemic. She said she enjoyed brightening up her clients’ days on the phone from the comfort of their home and winning a scholarship to use tablets so their clients could feel more connected in virtual groups.

The Times offers local readers the opportunity to share their poems written during or related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To make a contribution, send an email to [email protected].

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