The High Los Angeles Meals and Drink Tales of 2020

With the exception of a few shopping areas, the happiest place on earth is still closed. But if you felt like getting to know Disneyland in your own home, we found the perfect way: In this story, a recipe was published for the theme park’s fan-favorite churros – here in bite form – that are easy to recreate at home. (Trust us, we tried it and then immediately ate the whole batch.) During a year when millions craved new recipes, and many of those millions longed for a trip to Disneyland, this was one way the home of the Mouse to make good your own. This recipe also calls for few precious ingredients – a godsend given some of the supermarket shortages we faced earlier this year. All it calls for is butter, sugar, oil, eggs, salt, and a small amount of flour, and while we’ve probably all replenished our flour supplies by now, it’s a good recipe to have in your back pocket (little flour or no) ). And since it could be months before Disneyland reopens, this is the best we can do right now.

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