‘The Nice Vegan Meal Practice’ Makes A Cease In Los Angeles

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Million Dollar Vegan nonprofit group will deliver 1,000 hot meals to key workers, marginalized groups, youth centers, retirement homes and people in emergency shelters on Wednesday afternoon. For the first time, “The Great Vegan Meal Train” will feature a parade of volunteers in bicycle clothing dressed in farm animal costumes for added creativity.

“This is the first time we’ve decided to start a food train so cyclists can deliver large amounts of food to those who need it while staying socially aloof,” said Naomi Hallum, CEO of Million Dollar Vegan . “We’ve made a thousand giveaways before, but we wanted to make this special because of the holidays, the time when people in need are often forgotten. We want to make sure we reach people, people who might otherwise be starving, as well as important ones Workers who, unlike most of us, are not necessarily allowed to spend the holidays at home with their families. “

Million Dollar Vegan buys meals at Sugar Taco, Veggie Grill and Voodoo Vegan, three vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. Food is delivered to a variety of locations including the Hollywood Food Coalition, Southern California Hospital in Hollywood, Project Angel Food, and two elderly facilities in Hollywood Plaza, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Plant-based dishes include Creole-style red beans, sausage and rice bowls from Voodoo Vegan, truffle mac-n cheese from Concierge Kitchen, vegetarian burritos from Sugar Taco, and Mediterranean falafel wraps from Veggie Grill.

“This is a terrible time for restaurants too. We are not asking any of them to donate food, and no one can afford to do so during these troubled times,” Hallum said. “Our mission to deliver a million meals is also aimed at helping restaurants and small businesses buy groceries at a time when they are struggling to do business and give it to people who normally do not have access to such groceries . “

Million Dollar Vegan is handing out free vegan starter kits and inviting everyone to take on the 31-day vegan challenge. Participants will receive recipes, inspiration, health and nutritional information, videos, and other guides and support daily during the challenge to make the journey easier. Interested parties can register at www.milliondollarvegan.com/go -…

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