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Few can claim ownership of a house designed by Harry Gesner. The self-taught architect was one of the most sought-after talents of modernism in Los Angeles. His resume includes the Wave House in Malibu, a residence that made the curvy facade of the Sydney Opera House famous. Now there’s a rare opportunity to buy one of the architect’s mid-century homes – notably the Flying Wing House, a Hollywood Hills mansion that looks like a large wooden bird or an airplane on a hill – for $ 8 million to buy.

The house, which is roughly 4,500 square feet, has the same angular look as many of Gesner’s designs, although in this case the inspiration probably had more to do with family history than mid-century aesthetics. Gesner’s uncle was John Northrop, the inventor of the Flying Wing, a prototype that never went into production but made waves for its design, which looked like a single large wing. Little did Northrop know that his 1940s idea isn’t too far removed from where we are today, with similarities between his sketches and the new, fuel-efficient “Flying-V” jet.

The living room.

Gesner was hired by Mike Hynes, a wood mill owner, to design this flying wing house. According to the Los Angeles Times, Hynes wanted a house that displayed his company’s wood – hence the abundance of wood under construction. That was in the 1970s; It now belongs to the estate of Erick Morillo, a DJ who passed away in September. He is perhaps best known for writing the hit “I Like to Move It”. There’s even a fully equipped recording studio on the property – a separate building from the main residence – where you can record your own map attachments.

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The bar.

Noel Kleinman for the Oppenheim Group

The sprawling glass and wood residence is set on approximately 1 acre property on a promontory with a magnificent 300-degree view of Los Angeles. There is on-site parking for about six cars, as well as an infinity pool and space on the upper and lower levels of the home for outdoor entertainment.

Real estate, architecture, Los Angeles, California

The recording studio.

Noel Kleinman for the Oppenheim Group

The house with four beds and six bathrooms has not only collected dust over the past 40 years. Architect Dean Larkin remodeled the place in 2014, adding an LED-lit staircase and water feature at the entrance. More recently, listing agent Jason Oppenheim reportedly invested more than $ 100,000 in upgrading the place.

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The dining room.

Noel Kleinman for the Oppenheim Group

It’s a home that appeals to the disc jockey, architecture fan, or bachelor alike. Who knows, maybe one day it will serve as inspiration for another famous building like the Wave House did, and you can say you own the original.

Check out more photos of the architectural excavations below:

Los Angeles, California, real estate, architecture

The garage.

Noel Kleinman for the Oppenheim Group

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One of the bathrooms.

Noel Kleinman for the Oppenheim Group

Real estate, Los Angeles, architecture

The view.

Noel Kleinman for the Oppenheim Group

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