Time For Actual Dialogue in Politics

Dear Community,

It is a sad state of affairs when legitimate political discourse is replaced with attribution and outright lies to end the discussion on an issue. For example, if you hear terms like “privilege” or “toxic masculinity” or “voter suppression” or “filling in the blank” or the old standby mode from an elected or appointed official, it is “racist” with no empirical evidence to suggest it such or context, then you know that person likely has absolutely nothing material to support an argument.

Instead, they rely on uttering inflammatory words to silence political opponents. They choose to attack something they don’t like based on “feelings” or blindly unconfirmed “gotcha headlines” that fit their preconceptions. However, this tactic could finally come to an end.

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Georgia’s recent voter integrity law may just be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. This common sense legislation has been imbued with the same tired chorus of meaningless epithets – it’s racist, voter suppression, blah, blah, blah. Thanks to the governor and the legislature for not huddling in fear, but calmly pointing out the misrepresentation and outright lies spat out by those trying to maintain the broken status quo.

The intellectual laziness of those officials who spoke out against the new law pales in comparison to the wicked stupidity of Major League Baseball (MLB) and other companies that tried to get political brownie points with the Cancel Culture Crowd by trying To punish the state of Georgia for passing solid electoral integrity legislation. Incredibly, MLB’s response was to move the All-Star game from Georgia to Colorado – a state that already has voter identification laws in place.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. It has been MLB’s policy for many years to require photo ID to collect tickets from the stadium windows. It seems that MLB doesn’t take this “fan suppression” into account. If MLB can require photo ID for something as unimportant and unimportant as picking up baseball tickets, then something as sacred and critical to our republic as electoral integrity deserves the same protection.

This inept attempt to discourage elected officials from engaging in laws that are not only necessary but that benefit every citizen of Georgia shows the importance of officials standing firm on what is right, regardless of outside pressure, bad informed forces. Furthermore, a free society cannot allow unauthorized executives to dictate public order.

It is time to move beyond stupid, empty rhetoric and discuss issues and laws about their merits. We need to hold elected officials accountable when they support or reject laws in order to have a real substantive dialogue, rather than some lame virtues signaling buzzwords. The country is at a serious crossroads that requires critical thinking and reasoned positions on the serious problems we face.

With best regards,

Member of Parliament Gerry Scharfenberger

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