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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at the headlines on Tuesday.

Mental health work

In light of the pandemic heralding a new era in occupational safety, National Safety County urges employers to take a broader approach to addressing workplace impairment, which can include mental stress.

The NSC urges employers’ policies and procedures to describe “impairment in the workplace” as anything that could affect the ability to function normally or safely due to a number of factors – from chemical substances such as alcohol, opioids, or cannabis physical factors such as fatigue as well as psychological stress and social factors such as stress.

NSC found that 93% of employers agreed with a broader description – one that goes beyond substances to include health and wellbeing.

Novo Norodisk

Help with obesity can come in one shot.

A new study of Novo Norodisk’s diabetes treatment resulted in significant weight loss for the average participant.

In a 68-week study, 86% of people who took semaglutide lost at least 5% of their body weight.

In addition to weight loss, it also improved cardiovascular risk factors as well as physical function values ​​and quality of life.

The manufacturer Novo Norodisk has submitted it to the FDA as a weight management treatment for regulatory approval.


Facebook’s Instagram says it will disable accounts of people who repeatedly send hateful messages.

First-time offenders cannot send messages for an indefinite period of time. However, if they resend hateful messages, their account will be deactivated.

This includes not only posting, but also direct messages that you send to people.

Google facebook

According to reports, Google and Facebook are “very close” to the first deals to pay for news content.

Australia stands ready to pass laws that would force digital businesses to pay for news content. This would set a global precedent and, according to Facebook and Google, ruin the way the internet works.

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