Unemployment Advantages Expire As COVID Reduction Invoice Stays In Limbo – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans ran out overnight because President Donald Trump refused to sign the relief bill passed by Congress.

Trump opposed the massive COVID bill for government relief and funding despite Congress approving the measures and negotiating the White House. On Saturday Trump tweeted:

“I just want to bring in our people $ 2,000 instead of the paltry $ 600 that is now on the bill. Also, stop the millions of dollars in “pork”. Trump has no Republican support for this change and is in line with Democrats on this issue, who have pushed for direct payments to be increased to those in need of unemployment benefits.

As a result, no one will receive direct payments without the president’s approval, and hundreds of thousands of Californians will be among those who will lose their unemployment benefits.

President-elect Joe Biden said this weekend a delay in passing government relief would be devastating. Support groups across the country were overwhelmed.

“We hear regularly from people who have no food at home,” said Drake Hagner of the District of Columbia’s Legal Aid Society. “It is safest to keep archiving. And if you’re banned from submitting, take a photo of that pop-up message as evidence that you tried to submit a file. “

Part of the unsigned bill would reopen the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help businesses like restaurants keep paying their workers.

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