US infrastructure will get C- from engineers as roads stagnate | Govt-and-politics

“This testimony is a warning and a call to action,” Buttigieg told The Associated Press. “A generation of divestments is catching up with us, and we must choose whether to allow our global competitors to move forward permanently, or whether to invest in the security, justice, resilience and economic strength that superior infrastructure can bring to Americans. “

Buttigieg announced Tuesday the first low-cost federal transportation loan in the Biden administration, bringing up to $ 448 million to Texas for toll road projects in Austin to ease congestion for cyclists and pedestrians with access to trails.

“As communities across the country continue to battle the pandemic, we are committed to being a partner to help them save money, reduce congestion, and improve mobility, safety and accessibility,” said Buttigieg, former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana I’ll be reaching out to the engineering group later Wednesday.

In their testimony, the group said that years of inactivity had consequences. It cited rising costs that are passed on to consumers as cities and states grapple with funding constraints to repair roads and bridges and delay other major infrastructure upgrades.

The country’s poor infrastructure has been a problem for the communities, including the recent battles in Texas with power outages and water shortages following a brutal winter storm. Unusually cold conditions resulted in frozen pipes bursting and flooding homes, and millions of residents lost heat and running water.

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