Utah ski outlets see large enterprise for Presidents’ Day weekend

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah – Presidents’ Day weekend typically has some of the biggest snowy days during the Utah winter season.

This season, small ski and snowboard companies across Wasatch are booming despite the lack of weather, pandemic and resort restrictions.

“This year has been so weird,” said Mark Johnson of Ski N Lake in Cottonwood Heights. “But on the other hand, people are so excited to be out and about.”

Across town at Wasatch Ski and Snowboard Rentals, they’re seeing a similar surge in business.

This weekend is usually a make-it-or-break-it time of the year. Even during a strange pandemic season, they are still very excited to see so many coming through their doors.

“I’m going in, [we] thought [this season] would be a lot less busy, ”said Cole Dougdale of Wasatch Ski and Snowboard Rentals. “It definitely exceeded what we thought.”

One thing that both stores highlighted was that many out of town vacationers are coming to town this weekend to enjoy Utah’s world class skiing.

Another part of that perfect storm is the storm itself.

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“It’s kind of perfect,” said Johnson. “We have tremendous numbers of storms.”

Dougdale excitedly added, “Definitely loved it.”

With all these conditions leading to higher sales, it is the perfect time for these small businesses to hit the slopes.

“We want people to ski,” said Dougdale. “We want people to go out and explore and access what we have here.”

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