Vaccine provide exceeding demand in Bear River Well being, Utah County areas

PROVO – Two health departments in Utah warn that they are running out of eligible people for the COVID-19 vaccine and that supply is exceeding current demand.

“We’re definitely feeling the slowdown in Utah County,” said Aislynn Tolman-Hill, spokesman for the Utah County’s Department of Health. “Every day seems more of a slowdown as 70 and more people sign up for appointments.”

Utah County Health Department officials were working Friday to fill vacant appointments. Utah Valley Hospital even waived the residency requirements and did not require an appointment.

“Everyone we get has to sign up less,” said Tolman-Hill. “This is something we will definitely be worried about until March 1st, when we move to the next priority population.”

From March, Utah is said to make the vaccine available to those over 65.

“We would be absolutely ready to move on to this next priority group sooner if they would allow us,” said Joshua Greer, spokesman for the Bear River Health Department. “We are at this point.”

VIDEO: “We had 200, 300 people who didn’t show up to the clinic.”

The Bear River Health Department had to work quickly to find people for the # COVID19 # vaccine after hundreds missed appointments earlier in the week.

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In addition to Utah County, the Bear River Health Department, which covers three counties in the north of the state, reported that it was difficult to fill appointments.

“Our appointments in the last week of February are not yet taken,” said Greer. “So we’re in the same boat as Utah County.”

On Friday, Bear River Health Department had to work quickly to find people to come to the vaccination clinic after hundreds of missed appointments earlier in the week.

“We got all that vaccine out of the freezer,” Greer said. “It has to be used this week so that it doesn’t go to waste.”

To fill appointments for the coming weeks, both health departments are hoping that the public will help tell those over 70 that getting the vaccine has never been easier.

“It’s getting harder and harder to find people in this category to sign up and take these doses,” Greer said.


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