Valley Regional Excessive Faculty sports activities broadcasts triples in viewership after COVID-19 restrictions

(WTNH) – At Valley Regional High School, their COVID-19 guidelines do not allow parents or fans to play games in the gym in the stands. Fortunately, the high school production team found a solution.

Brad Pitman, the assistant advisor to Valley TV, told News 8, “Valley TV has been around for about 12 years,” he says. “It started with grants we received from the Four Education Foundation region to equip us with cameras, tripods, and anything else needed to develop this show.”

Because of the pandemic, the system is more valuable and vital than ever.

“All of a sudden, this is the only window that parents can see their kids everywhere after all these years of training and game tournaments,” says Pitman.

Chris Lequire is Valley TV’s chief advisor. He teaches students to use the equipment and broadcast each game live. They’ve been broadcasting live volleyball and basketball for several years, but of course they’ve tripled the number of viewers this year.

Not only does the program benefit fans, but it also allows students to accumulate internship credits and hands-on experience when they choose to explore careers in broadcasting.

“We have come a long way in seven years and hope to expand it even further,” says Lequire.

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