Virus prompts sports activities card gross sales growth | Businessmonthly

Matthew Garrett from Dubuque has been collecting cards since childhood.

“Baseball has always been my primary focus, but I’ve looked at football, basketball, hockey, and WWE again and again over the years,” said Garrett.

Garrett said he thinks the Jordan documentary and renewed interest in retired star players sparked much of the current ticket sales boom.

“What is happening now has been unprecedented in my experience,” he said. “Retail stores need to enforce minimum shopping requirements and have card security.”

Garrett said the boom affected his collecting.

“I won’t wait in long lines for the product or pay increased prices for retail products in the secondary market,” he said. “So I collect fewer new products.”

With 30 years of experience in the ups and downs of the business, Orr does not expect sustained, pandemic-triggered, dramatic sales increases.

“It’s already starting to rejuvenate,” he said. “It will flatten again.”

However, he sees signs that a new generation is ready to steadily advance the future growth of the hobby.

Orr said another interesting aspect of the current card boom is the age of many collectors.

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