What it’s essential learn about return of highschool sports activities

San Diego County is nearing the opening of all high school and youth sports.

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom said the county needs to be at 14 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 to restart the game.

In the latest figures released Tuesday, the adjusted state case rate in San Diego was 15.

San Diego CIF Commissioner Joe Heinz was disappointed that San Diego didn’t go below 14 but is encouraged the numbers are going down as he anticipates San Diego numbers will be good next week.

With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Last Friday, the San Diego, North County Supreme Court issued an injunction allowing high school and youth sports to resume as long as they follow “the same or similar COVID-19 protocols used for professional and / or college sports within the county. “How does this affect the return to sport?

There are financial concerns about following professional and / or collegial guidelines. Prior to the TRO, San Diego high schools were required to follow less strenuous and less expensive COVID-19 procedures.

So what happens now

The CIF is waiting for guidance to provide its member schools with additional COVID-19 protocols that need to be put in place.

When does football start?

Football practice can start on Friday, but there can be no contact until the fall rate is below 14. The first games in a six-game season are scheduled for March 11-13.

What will these schedules look like?

Schools are assigned five league games but are free to schedule a sixth game to kick off the season. However, this game must be against a team within the county.

What’s the last day for football?

The football season must end by April 17th so that there are 90 days between seasons. Training for the 2021 football season begins on July 30th.

Will all schools have soccer teams?

There is talk that some schools are considering not playing. However, nothing has been decided yet. Many of the big schools have stated that they will not set up freshmen teams, but that freshmen should be brought to the JV level on the condition that JV teams should only be freshmen and sophomores.

Will there be tests?

Yes. From now on, all players and coaches must be tested weekly. And they have to be negative every 24 hours before kick-off. All state and regional guidelines must be followed.

Will that change?

Tests can be omitted if the county hits 7 cases per 100,000.

Will there be soccer playoffs?

There will be no playoffs in the county, southern California, or state this season.

What other sports can start training on Friday?

Boys and girls soccer. According to a CIF press release, field hockey can begin “soon”.

Which sports are playing now?

Cross-country skiing is in progress. Swimming is scheduled for this week, along with coed tennis and boys and girls’ golf.

Will there be championships in cross-country skiing and swimming?

The cross country championships have been canceled, but leagues can hold championships. The County Swimming finals are scheduled for April 24th in Granite Hills.

What are the next outdoor sports?

Baseball, softball, boys and girls lacrosse were pushed back from March 13 to April 17.

What about indoor sports?

A few weeks ago it didn’t look like there were indoor sports – basketball for boys and girls, volleyball for boys and girls, wrestling, and badminton. Now there is hope for shortened playing times, maybe up to 18 games for basketball.

Will tournaments or invitations be allowed?

No at the moment, as there cannot be multiple games on one site. But Heinz said the CIF was working on formats to make tournament play possible. In baseball, this means tournaments like Hilltop, GMC, and Lions may need to get creative. This also applies to Cougar Classic from Softball.

Can athletes / coaches participate in more than one sport?

Yes, but one of those sports cannot be football.

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