When will college sports activities begin?

Signs along the river road encourage people to save youth sports.

If you had been driving the river road between Burdette and Goldsboro in the past month, you would have seen these signs strewn with interesting news.

“We believe in this house

Splashes are bigger than mites

Youth hockey is not a health hazard to the community. “

The message seemed to be a call to get young athletes back into exercise. At the end of some signs was a link to a website encouraging visitors to save youth sports.

“The Covid 19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on youth sports. Our children need us now more than ever.”

Calls for a return to sport in metropolitan DC continued during the pandemic. Parents, coaches and even athletes have asked the city guides to let them play.

“Exercise will help all children mentally affected by this pandemic. Imagine what a world without youth sport would be like?”

The website has suggestions on how people can help with their cause, including signing a petition, writing to their board of directors, and even contacting California Congressman Maxine Waters.

DC, Maryland and Virginia are at various stages for youth sports to resume. College sports in DC have been suspended since December due to the public health emergency. In some parts of Virginia, most sports are back in practice, and in Montgomery County, Maryland, the fall sports season is slated to begin on February 27th.

Please see the update below regarding the fall season. Registration deadline for autumn sports is February 22nd. You can find resources for securing physical data on our website. We look forward to welcoming our student athletes back to campus! #WeRAISE https://t.co/S2hGuWPSgm

– MCPS Athletics (@MCPSAthletics) February 12, 2021

The website also lists things they think should be included in the new stimulus bill, including a Save Our Sports fund that grants $ 100 billion to independent programs to help them reopen receive required upfront capital.

The signs no longer line the stretch of the river road, but the message that remains is loud and clear – youth sports are not a health risk to the community

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