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LANSING (AP) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer proposed spending more than $ 1.5 billion in federal funds to rescue pandemics, boost the business climate, clean up polluted sites, and take steps like accelerating the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure .

The proposals are the Democratic governor’s latest proposals since Congress and President Joe Biden approved an unprecedented $ 6.5 billion in discretionary aid to the state, half of which is now ready to be allocated. You and the Republican-led legislature have not allocated any of the funds. Some could be negotiated while working to finalize the next state budget before October, although much of it may not be approved until later.

According to Whitmer’s plan, about $ 700 million would be used to remediate fallow land, refurbish vacant buildings, prepare sites for business development, create more energy-efficient homes, and bolster regional plans for economic resilience. About $ 350 million would go towards promoting a business environment the governor said would help high-tech, high-growth startups prepare manufacturers for emergency industry opportunities, expedite electric car charging infrastructure, and expand a science internship program. , Engineering, engineering and math students.

An additional $ 456 million would boost the Going PRO program, which provides employers with money to train current and new hires.

Whitmer said she was proud of the economic turnaround and fiscal image of the state after more than a year after the pandemic, but pointed out challenges including not enough people to fill jobs, a lack of necessary skills, a lagging corporate sector and a lack of affordable housing. The unemployment rate is below the national average, but the activity rate is low.

“We are in a strong position to get out of this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and usher in a truly new era of prosperity and opportunity here in Michigan.” said during a press conference at Lansing’s Rotary Park. “But this prosperity is only possible if we hit the moment and tackle the great, already existing challenges that are exacerbated by COVID and we do it together.”

Whitmer said she would elaborate on her economic proposal in the coming weeks. In total, it would be $ 2.1 billion, taking previously announced or updated facets like expanding teaching-free programs for adults 25 and older and frontline workers, providing small business grants and loans, and providing temporary business support when paying $ 15 per hour.

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