Why A Slide For Toddlers? And Buying Guide For Parents

A slide offers a lot of fun for toddlers. They like to climb and slide down. You might have searched the web for appropriate slides. They come in all shapes and sizes. Not all slides are suitable for toddlers because some slides are too high and therefore too dangerous.

Many parents find a small slide to be an ideal toy for their toddlers. This is partly because they can play with this playground equipment both independently and with several children.

A slide also provides plenty of exercise for young children. Climbing, running, and sliding ensure that your child moves a lot and develops good motor skills and balance. Water Slide Rentals from Inflatable Party Magic; best choice for event and party entertainment, inflatable bounce houses, combo jumpers and more.

What criteria does a slide have to meet?

If you plan to buy a slide, you can take a few things into account when buying a slide. There are many differences in slides and their functionalities. Below we explain some factors that you may want to consider when purchasing a slide.


You could take the design of the slide into account. For example, a slide with different colors looks attractive to children. Some slides even look like an animal, for example, a tiger, elephant, or dinosaur.


Toddlers need to be able to play safely. It is therefore advisable to purchase a slide that is not too high. This is unsafe when they climb the slide themselves.

We recommend that you purchase a slide for toddlers with a maximum height of around 75 centimeters.


Slides can consist of various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. We recommend purchasing a plastic slide for toddlers.

A slide made of plastic is less hard than a slide made of metal or wood. Also, a plastic slide has no sharp edges.

Inside or outside?

A plastic slide for toddlers can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Of course, you must have enough space inside your home for a slide. If you are unsure whether this is possible, you could look at a slide with a short slide length.

The advantage of a plastic slide is that it is easy to dry with a towel after a rain shower or damp weather.

It is better to store the slide for the long life of the slide when not in use. The sun can sometimes discolor a plastic slide.

Connecting to water

There are slides that you can connect to water. This makes it possible to slide into the water on hot days. A belly sliding mat is sometimes placed behind some slides. This allows your child to slide over the sail from the slide.

To connect the slide to the water, the slides have a coupling to connect the garden hose.


A slide can take up quite a bit of space in a garage or summerhouse when the slide is not in use. In case you have very little room to put away the slip in your home, you could think about buying a collapsible slip. It takes up little space.

Many slides consist of separate parts that you can take apart. In this way, too, the slide takes up less space.

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