Why it is so necessary to help Nationwide Small Enterprise Week

WXYZ DETROIT – Every company of all sizes is important. But small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They make up half of the American workforce and create two out of three new jobs.

Last year there were over 31 million small businesses in the United States. There are roughly 1 million small businesses here in Michigan, making up half of the state’s private employers. These companies employ fewer than 500 people.

National Small Business Week is celebrated and celebrated from Sunday, May 2nd through Saturday, May 8th. It’s an annual tradition started by the Small Business Administration more than 50 years ago. This special week is a time to recognize the outstanding service, innovation and development of small business owners. Together they help keep our city, our state and our nation going.

Because of the pandemic, these last few months have been a particular challenge for many of them. You had to learn how to survive and thrive quickly! They were creative and many had to reinvent their business plans. This week is the perfect time to showcase your brand, build your network, look for opportunities to celebrate your team, and increase employee morale.

Whenever you share good news, helpful suggestions, and interesting information on social media, the SBA encourages businesses to use the hashtag #SmallBusinessWeek. From your local hardware and jewelry stores to restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and every other business in the neighborhood, you should be supporting National Small Business Week this year. Raising community awareness of their economic contribution is an important step in their success.

I’m Mike Murri, VP & General Manager
Broadcast: April 29 – May 2, 2021

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